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I just got the phone call from Human Resources I’ve been waiting for all summer: I got my job back! (see Limbo post for backstory)  I planned on going to the Board meeting on Thursday hoping to hear a word, but it looks like I won’t need to. I’m thrilled. Off to celebrate!

  1. Susie Klausmeyer

    That is great!!! As much as you put into your job, you deserve it. They would have lost a fantastic teacher if they would have lost you!!!

  2. Congrats to you! It is a relief to know where things are at I am sure! I have not met too many elementary computer/technology teachers. Most schools tend to have the regular ed. teacher take their classes to the lab. We are, in my opinion really an important part of preparing our students for their futures in this world.

    It is a very difficult thing for school districts to have to make cuts like yours did. A few years back we had a similar situation and moral was terrible. Many teachers with tenure but not enough years in the district were not renewed. We had a school close. Many tears were shed.

    Have a wonderful school year!

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