Scary Spuds Project

Nedra Isenberg and I have teamed up our 2nd (and some 3rd) grade computer lab classes during the month of October to participate in a project called Scary Spuds.

Project Description

This project is very similar to the Monster Exchange project and Monster Project Wikispace. However, for Scary Spuds the students use a flash activity found at Crick Web to create their Scary Spuds instead of a paint program.  I felt this would speed the project up a bit and make it more simplified and contained instead of giving the students free reign on a paint program.

More Details

The premise of the project is to create a Scary Spud, and then write a description of the Spud so that their partner classes can re-draw it, coming as close to the original as possible. The students from 3 different schools, 1 in Alabama and 2 in New York, have been paired up with a partner class. Each class will be split into about 6 groups with 3-4 students in each group. Each group will then be assigned a number. After creating their Spuds and writing their descriptions, the information will be posted to the Wiki so that the partner class may access it. After the Scary Spuds are re-drawn they will be uploaded to the Wiki for all to see. The students may then compare them to determine how close they came to the original Scary Spud.

Please visit the Scary Spuds Wiki for more information, including the lesson plans created for the project.

  1. Thanks Amber for getting this project going! I have to admit that I think my old age was showing when I first looked at the Scary Spud site. I really didn’t care for the site at all. But instead of going with my knee jerk reaction I waited awhile, went back and took another look, and realized how much easier this was going to be for the students. My classes just finished their spuds today. They loved it! I’m amazed at how much we got accomplished in a 40 minute class period. And the groups worked well together. Tomorrow we begin the writing process. I think I have it broken down into small enough steps that we’ll be successful!

    I am glad that we started out small. I’ve done projects before with my class in which we did a tech related assignment and then sent it to the person hosting the project. That person uploaded it and that was it. We could go back and look at other projects but there was no true collaboration. Don’t get me wrong, they were good projects and when I was in the regular classroom they were a great way for me to make sure I was using the technology. But this is the first time I’m actually working with another class. We’re off to a good start. The kids are excited and so am I!

  2. You continue to excel. I love following your creative work.

  3. Kevin Jarrett

    Hi Amber! This looks terrific! How do you get the Spud pics onto the wiki? Screenshots pasted into a graphics program? -kj-

  4. Mrs. Coggin

    Kevin, that’s exactly how I got them on there. We are having the students copy and paste into a Word document, though, so they can type directly under the picture. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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