Wordle Holiday Cards

I’ve been seeing “word clouds” around for the past couple of months, but wasn’t sure how I could use them until I read this blog post from Kevin Jarrett that referred to this Twitter post by @sammorra. @sammorra used Wordle.net to create holiday cards. I immediately thought about the Winter Wonderland Holiday Card page. I hadn’t planned on doing a card because we were barely able to get our monthly activities done, but I figured this would be the perfect tool to create something quick.

I went to Wordle, clicked on create, and typed in all of the 1st through 3rd grade teachers names. I also typed in my school’s name multiple times so it would show as the main word. I then changed my font, layout and colors by editing the custom color palette. I made a print screen of the image and pasted it into the Paint.net program (LOVE THIS PROGRAM!), added a title and some clip art images that I found here, and BAM- a quick and easy holiday card!

After Christmas break, I’m thinking of letting them fill out a Google Doc form telling me one thing they got for Christmas. I’ll then make a wordle out of the results to see what the most popular gift was!

  1. Amber!

    Epic win! Easy, quick, original, goregous! Web 2.0 at its best in the hands of a master!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. I love that! I may use your idea after Christmas. I’ll bet my kids (especially 4th grade) will like it!

  3. This is wonderful idea. I’ve saved it up for next year. School finished for the year for us on Friday December 5. I’m off to investigate Wordle now

  4. I am trying to come up with projects for my 3rd through 5th graders to do. We use to spend our 45 minutes in the computer lab doing SRA TechKnowledge lessons. I love wordle, so I decided to do a project called Flavor of My Class. The students will type the answers to questions in google docs. They will all type in the last name of their teacher so it will show up as the largest word. They will choose an answer from a selection of answers to questions like: favorite color: red, blue, yellow, etc. /favorite restaurant: Sonic, Wendys, etc. I will print one in color to post outside the computer lab. I am hoping the 15 classroom teachers will want to post theirs on their website.

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